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"The curiosity getthe passion to leaven and it takes the form of a single and unmistakable revelation of our doughs.
tradition & culture
we add innovation and research..

Pizza romana
Pizza burrata pistacchi e mortadella

In recent years, the restaurant industry has constantly developed and therefore we have been forced to adapt, innovate and improve ourselves in order to keep up with all the news and thus be able to offer a product that would differ from all others.

Born here then
RomaRe, an intuition of two Roman youths, Emanuela and Giuliano, to want to bring here the traditional Roman cuisine in a modern version, in an attempt to adapt it to the flavors and ingredients of the area.

From the Roman tradition, we therefore keep only the most interesting pages, while the rest is a mixture of passion and stimuli to improve ourselves and succeed in surprising with a product that is constantly evolving and at the same time always maintains its high quality.

Pizza patate salsiccia e provola

The result then? The best modern Roman pasta and pizza around!

Why should you then choose our product instead of others?

Because with us you only find basic products of the highest quality.

Because our product is very easy to digest. thanks to a long process of maturation and fermentation.

Because thanks to the high humidity and the right methods of baking in the oven,
we have a product that is crunchy on the surface and incredibly airy and soft on the inside.

Because the mixture of the different types of flour and the  fermentation means that we add a fantastic aroma to the dough.

because We have an indirect dough,
which means a double fermentation that can last up to 48 hours.

in other words, pizza is something serious for us.


but we don't just live on pizza...

As children, we were very fascinated to see our respective grandparents and our mothers, rolling out kilometers of pasta with flour that flowed around and made the whole kitchen foggy.
For us, the pasta was a symbol of togetherness and also a meeting point.
And today, we want to try to pass on to you all the love these women have for us, by creating this pasta, and thus keep the tradition alive.


Here at RomaRe.
In the middle of Sweden.
In Värmland County.
In the distant Säffle which is almost 300 miles away from Rome,
we offer you the chance to experience and taste a part of our Italy.

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